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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I receive money from a family member abroad?

Funds are sent via our remittance partner from abroad. Our partners include:

Inbound Partner
Bank Deposit
Cash Pickup
Ria Money Transfer
Small World

The sender needs to either download one of the above remittance partner’s apps or contact their nearest office to become a customer of one of these partners. 

Once they are a customer, they can start to transact to you.

2. I have followed the link and filled in the form, but now I received a message that my fund cannot be redeemed. Why?

Once you have completed the form by following the link our consultants are ready to pick up your registration and process your payment. Should we require any additional information our team will make direct contact with you via the contact details provided.

3. What is the SARB Mandate, and can you please send me the form to fill in?

The SARB mandate is completed on the registration process and will be provided via a unique portal link either via email or SMS to you. The link, once opened and followed, provides you with required fields to upload images & complete information. Once approved and successfully registered you will not be requested to fill in the SARB mandate again.

4. I have been sent funds, why have I not yet been paid yet?

When your transaction arrives with us, you would have received a notification via email or SMS that states: “Action Required”. On opening the notification, you will be provided with a unique link that requires you to respond to by clicking on “Get my Money” Ensure to check your spam mail if the notification is not found.

5. I have not received my link?

Please click the button below to begin chatting to one of our consultants on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp: 011 073 8122
Call Centre: 0861 660 660

6. I have filled in the form, provided my ID document and selfie, but have not received my funds?

Once successfully registered and funds have not yet been paid, ensure to check your email to see if we have not sent you any follow-up correspondence requesting additional documents in order to verify your beneficiary’s banking details.

7. I have followed the link and managed to upload images that are required, but the link won't accept my physical address and / or email address?

When capturing your details take care to not to leave a space behind last character captured Ensure to read the required fields carefully and capture only as required IE, 1st line on address field requires house/unit number only.

8. I am an existing customer and have received funds before, but your operator has informed me that there is not a new transaction for me, yet I have proof from my sender of this.

Funds are routed to Sikhona Money Transfers by our remittance partners either in batches the same day or the next day from the time the transaction was made by the sender.

Funds will automatically be allocated and paid by our system based on correct banking information provided and previous transaction history, but this can only happen once the funds have arrived. Any funds that have not been routed to Sikhona in time, must be queried by the sender with the remittance partner where the funds were sent from.

9. What are KYC documents?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and are the very basic requirements for us to facilitate the transfer of funds and they are as follows:

• Clear image of ID document
• Recognisable selfie
• Physical Address

10. What are your trading hours?

You can contact one of our online consultants between:
- 7am to 8pm between Monday and Friday
- 8am to 7pm on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

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